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Welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to helping anyone who is currently in the midst of a liability issue. A few years ago, my daughter contracted listeria due to poorly packaged food. She, thankfully, was okay, but we still took her case to court. I want all families who have been affected by liability issues to understand their rights, so I decided to start this blog. My beautiful daughter is now 17 and preparing to start uni next year. I have three younger children as well and an amazing husband. Thank you for reading my blog. Please share my posts if they help you!

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Safety, Products and Liability: A Legal Blog

    Times When You May Not Realize That You Have a Legal Case Against a Business Owner

    A person cannot and should not expect to sue a business owner just because they've been somewhat inconvenienced at a business; a long line that causes you to miss an appointment or a meal that wasn't cooked quite to your liking are not usually justifiable causes for a lawsuit. However, you may be surprised to find out when you do have a legal case against a business owner because of injuries or losses you've suffered.

    Help! My boss is underpaying the employees!

    Recent news articles have brought into the public eye the fact that some bosses do not do the right thing by their employees. If you are in a workforce that is not being fairly compensated, here are some things that you can do to resolve the issue.  Gather evidence of the issue In order to understand exactly how much people are being underpaid, gather all evidence of the issue, including payslips, time cards and requests or rosters that ask for extra unpaid hours.

    Buying a beach house with your self managed super fund

    If you are looking to buy a beach house that you may be able to live in following your retirement through your self-managed super fund (SMSF) it's important to keep your purchase within the law. Here is a guide to making sure your purchase is legal and does not affect the legality of your SMSF. The property must be purchased with the intention of providing a retirement benefit While you may like to contemplate the idea of moving to the beach when you retire, the reason ('sole purpose test') for buying the property needs to be that it will provide you funds for retirement including capital growth and/or rental returns.

    How Restitution Differs from Crime Victim Compensation

    Are you wondering whether you should apply for crime victim compensation or wait for restitution? Are you a victim of a criminal act? Check out the differences between those two concepts. Use this information to apply for the appropriate compensation after you suffer losses because of a crime. The Source of the Funds Different jurisdictions enact laws that set up crime victim compensation plans. The governments of those jurisdictions fund the compensation plans.

    Situations When You Need a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

    Your car is very useful when it comes to helping you get to wherever need to be quickly and conveniently. However, you can never rule out the possibility of getting involved in an accident because your safety on the road can be compromised by other motorists, if not by you. In the event of a motor accident, you can settle compensation claims on your own. But you may sometimes need a good lawyer to defend you against compensation claims that may be made by the injured parties or to seek compensation for your injuries if you think it is the other party at fault.