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Welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to helping anyone who is currently in the midst of a liability issue. A few years ago, my daughter contracted listeria due to poorly packaged food. She, thankfully, was okay, but we still took her case to court. I want all families who have been affected by liability issues to understand their rights, so I decided to start this blog. My beautiful daughter is now 17 and preparing to start uni next year. I have three younger children as well and an amazing husband. Thank you for reading my blog. Please share my posts if they help you!

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Safety, Products and Liability: A Legal Blog

Everything You Need to Know About Conveyancing

by Liesanne Martin

Every time you are purchasing or selling a piece of land or a house, you need to utilise the services of a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor, especially if it is your first time.

Generally, doing this helps you get an experienced guide who not only holds your hand throughout the sale or purchase process but ensures the process is successful and that you do not lose your hard-earned money at the time of purchase or in the future. Here's what you need to know about conveyancing.

Explanation of Important Terms


This is the process of transferring the ownership of a property from a buyer to a seller. It is facilitated by either a conveyancer or a conveyancing solicitor.


This is a specialist who can help you with the smooth and safe transfer of ownership of a property. They ensure that the documents required during the transfer of property ownership are filled out correctly, and the information contained in the property details documents are true and valid.

Conveyancing Solicitor

This is a specialist who carries out the same duties as the conveyancer but has an extra qualification. Since they are a lawyer, a conveyancing solicitor can represent you in a court of law if there is a legal problem with the property of concern, but a conveyancer cannot.

Are You the Buyer?

As a buyer, you need someone who can verify that the person selling the property is the true owner. You may also need to know whether there is anything physically wrong with the property or if there are current or future signs that the property might be affected by natural or artificial calamities. Additionally, it is important to check whether there are any legal disputes attached to the property. These are things that could make you lose your investments; a qualified conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor can carry out research and find out all there is to know about a property before you purchase it.

Are You the Seller?

As a seller, you want the sale to go through smoothly and to ensure you receive the full amount you are requesting for the property. A conveyancer or conveyancing contractor acts on your behalf; they receive queries from potential buyers and find out who is serious and who is not; you are only notified when there is a serious buyer. This helps you concentrate on other important things as you wait for a serious buyer. 

The conveyancer also handles all the paperwork and only consults you when your signature, opinion or presence is needed; this ensures you have a stress-free sale.

For more information, contact a local conveyancing service.