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Welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to helping anyone who is currently in the midst of a liability issue. A few years ago, my daughter contracted listeria due to poorly packaged food. She, thankfully, was okay, but we still took her case to court. I want all families who have been affected by liability issues to understand their rights, so I decided to start this blog. My beautiful daughter is now 17 and preparing to start uni next year. I have three younger children as well and an amazing husband. Thank you for reading my blog. Please share my posts if they help you!

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Safety, Products and Liability: A Legal Blog

Why You Might Have Caust To Contact Compensation Lawyers After A Car Accident

by Liesanne Martin

A car accident is a traumatic event that many people suffer from years after the day it happened. For one who has suffered serious injuries during or as a result of a car accident, you might think that once your insurance claim is finished, there is no longer any recourse you can take to get financial compensation. Often an insurance claim is not nearly enough to cover all the damages you have suffered. What you may not realise is that in many cases compensation lawyers can help with motor accident claims to help get you the restitution you deserve. Here are three lesser-known reasons where you might be entitled to compensation.

Hit And Run

If you suffer from a hit and run incident and don't know who to turn to, then you should contact a compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Hit and runs happen all over Australia and the damage can range from simply a scratch on your car to serious physical injuries. If you want justice and feel like you are not being heard by your insurance agency, then talk to an expert who will fight for your rights. Lawyers are experts at putting pressure on insurance agencies, government employees and anyone relevant to their pursuit of justice for your injury. 

Passenger In A Car

If you were not the driver of the car that was involved in an accident, then often it seems like you are forgotten about by the process. Generally, the driver will get compensation and you will be left out in the cold. That is not only not good enough, but it in many cases it is downright illegal. If you have been injured or otherwise affected by a car accident where you were not the driver or owner of either of the vehicles, then talk to a car accident claims lawyer to see what they can do for you. You may be surprised at how much you have missed out on. 


Being a cyclist is one of the most dangerous places to be on the road, and every day it seems like there is another news story of someone getting injured by a careless driver. Cyclists can feel like they are in a tough spot because it is rare they have any sort of insurance. Luckily, you don't need specific insurance to be able to seek compensation from the careless drivers who have hit you. Compensation lawyers can see that you get all your medical and financial costs covered as you recuperate from your experience. 

For more information, reach out to a compensation lawyer