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Welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to helping anyone who is currently in the midst of a liability issue. A few years ago, my daughter contracted listeria due to poorly packaged food. She, thankfully, was okay, but we still took her case to court. I want all families who have been affected by liability issues to understand their rights, so I decided to start this blog. My beautiful daughter is now 17 and preparing to start uni next year. I have three younger children as well and an amazing husband. Thank you for reading my blog. Please share my posts if they help you!

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Safety, Products and Liability: A Legal Blog

Is Your Criminal Case Sealed? Correcting Your Record

by Liesanne Martin

With a good lawyer, your criminal case can get dismissed, or you get acquitted for a number of reasons. Congratulations are in store and you have a heavy weight lifted off your shoulder. Is this really the end? Good criminal lawyers will tell you that after a case is dismissed or an acquittal granted, you are yet to be done with the justice system.

Having a criminal record can be a future burden even if you were acquited. A simple background check by potential employers can reveal the mere existence of the case--something that will certainly cast a shadow over your employment prospects. Several academic institutions can also bar you from their programs due to the existence of such a record irrespective of how things unfolded. In many ways, the criminal case will linger over your life in the future and you need to at least try with your criminal lawyers to correct your record. So how can you go about giving yourself this "clean slate"?

Having your records expunged

Not every jurisdiction allows for expunging records. An expunged record is literally shredded by the judiciary from the system. No background check or even police documentation will possess details of such a case having existed. Your criminal lawyers can help you find out if your jurisdiction can expunge your particular case and the procedures involved. This is a tough endeavor and will often take the form of a new case altogether. On the brighter side, should you win this case, your clean slate is real and no shadows can legally linger and affect your life.

Having your records sealed

Sealing records of a criminal case is yet another method of cleaning up after a case. Sealed records, while not destroyed by the judicial system, cannot be accessed by a civilian background check. Technically, should you be asked by a potential employer or institution of interest, you can say you have never had such a case. Once your records are sealed, only the judiciary and maybe the police can look at your case. Criminal lawyers often advice clients to pursue this as an alternative if expunging records isn't an available option in your jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, not all cases can be sealed. Different jurisdictions allow for the sealing of specific dismissed or acquitted cases. There are several other exceptions that your criminal lawyers should help you understand.

Whichever option you take, if you are successful in getting a hearing, work hard towards proving that the harm and consequences of the case to you, outweigh the public's interest in having the records made available. Try putting the past away from your future prospects.